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Internet service is important for all our residential and business accounts. We are available at 719-285-4706 x103 or option 3 to provide support.

Get status Updates

Yeah, we know if you do not have internet how can you check our web site for system status. DUH! (There are actually providers that haven’t figured that out yet!) So, you can call 719-285-4706 x103 or option 3 and our support line will have recorded network status messages.

What to do when I can’t get online?

Well, call 719-285-4706 x103 or option 3 and see if there is a network outage first. Then, if there is no network outage, just turn the power off to EVERYTHING, wait 1 minute then turn it all back on. WAIT at least 2 minutes for all your devices to come up and re-sync and you should have internet again. If not, please call 719-285-4706 x103 or option 3 and leave a message. The system sends a text to us with your voice message and we will contact you as soon as powwible.

Common Problems

Okay, actualy the most common problems we see from residiential accounts are: * the power is off to gear that needs to be on * the power supply to the microwave radio, cable modem, FiOS ONT or other gateway device is unplugged * the cables are loose somewhere * someone was experimenting and moved the cables around so now things are really messed up * the wind blew the radio outside around or down * the bill wasn’t paid so your account is suspended * a rodent chewed the cable (for real - they like it) * the dog crawled under the desk and turned the surge strip off * same for the cat, pig, chicken, child, adult etc. * a visitor changed the wi-fi password * the visiting kids messed it up completely * forgotten wi-fi password (which we can’t help with) * your router got hit by lightening or a surge (happens a lot)