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I just bought a new router, hooked it up, and it doesn’t work. No internet
Almost all the new routers today require that you install the device using the manufacturer’s cellphone application. You must explicitly follow the instructions that came with the router or it will not work.
What kind of router should I buy?
For services under 100Mbps, almost any router will perform well. Please be sure to get a ROUTER and not a MODEM. Modems are used for cable and DSL circuits. So if you had cable or DSL before and are switching to our microwave service you will need a ROUTER. The small routers with no antennas will cover most areas under 1,000 sqft that do not have a lot of interior walls. Routers with exterior vertical antennas have higher gain and will cover more area. If you do not have clear visual exposure from the router to other rooms or floors, we suggest getting an extender. The most problems users have is getting a weak wi-fi signal to the devices needing service. The signal you see on your laptop or desktop or TV is NOT our signal from our network, but the signal from your very own w-fi router. So be sure all your devices have strong signals, which may require moving your router and/or installing repeaters in your home or office. You cannot see the signal from our radio to our tower.
Why do I have to keep rebooting my wi-fi router?
Usually it’s because the signal from your router to the devices you are using is weak. As said above, you must have a strong signal from your router to each of your devices. However, routers fail over time and start acting weird and will begin to need reboots. Frequent rebooting has nothing to do with our internet link to your home or office. We suggest unplugging the cable that comes from our power injecter that is going to your router’s internet port, directly into the ethernet port on your laptop or desktop to take the router out of the equation. If that works without any problems, then your router has issues. Also, log into your router and do a software update every several months. Instructions on doing so came with your router.