Wired and Wireless Data Services

In the CLOUD. In the AIR. We help you do business from ANYWHERE.

     Contact us for Wireless Broadband (point-to-point to connect your offices together and point-to-multipoint to connect many locations to one central location), Satellite data (you can even have your own transponder), voice and VOIP systems, cellular broadband data solutions. We'll work with you on building-to-building links, campus WANs, city build-outs, metro mesh networks, WISP build-outs and more; nationwide or global.

Fixed Wireless Broadband   Isolated Site Connectivity
Fixed wireless Point-to-Point or

Fremont County, Colorado - We're building out our own Fixed Point-to-Multipoint WIRELESS network in Fremont County, Colorado, with signals that can reach remote areas for Internet connectivity and business services. Canon City, Florence, Penrose, Coal Creek, Rockvale, Wetmore and more. SCHEDULE YOUR INSTALLATION
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Community Access Service - With our new Community Access Service, you, your neighbors and local businesses can get high-speed Internet anywhere in the US without resorting to satellite or putting up with low speed dial-up.

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Wireless Private Connections - Connect your offices together without the expense of a wired copper or fiber port . Contact us about how we can easily and inexpensively connect offices 50 miles or more apart via wireless radios and antenna. Nationwide. Call 719-285-4706 x101 for more information.

Your Own Wi-Fi Hotspots- Give your customers Wi-Fi access at your place of business. Make it free or charge, or both. Add advertising, specials, menus, even sales catalogs and product information. We'll help you set the entire system up, train you, design the local content and manage it. Call or email and we'll discuss how it works.

  In the middle of nowhere?

Operating from remote sites far away from wires and fiber? Is telephone or Internet unavailable and/or extremely expensive to bring to your site?

At your remote location, we can provide:
  • multiple telephone lines
  • high speed Internet
  • fax capabilities
  • streaming video
  • security monitoring
  • private networks
  • and more
All of these services can be provided for:
  • Construction Sites
  • Pipeline Projects
  • Research Locations
  • Resort Properties
  • Military Operations
  • Remote Monitoring
  • and more
One billing. One vendor. No copper. No trenching. No telephone poles.

Are you really far from the nearest DSL, telco, or fiber drop?

Looking at huge infrastructure costs to get connected?

Satellite won't work because you need VPNs and telephones?

Let us help with our remote access services.

Special Event Service   Solar Operated Remote Systems
Trade Shows, Media Shows
Need Broadband?

We can bring short-term high-speed service to you.

Need 10, 20, 50, 100, 200mbps, 500mbps, 1gbps?

For a few days? A few weeks or months?

Don't pay high fees to convention centers. We'll backhaul bandwidth to the venue and bring it to your booth.

Indoor or outdoor, we can bring you bandwidth.

We'll work with your event management company, the venue and your IT folks to bring reliable high-speed service to your event.

We've worked with major corporations nationwide.

We like a challenge, so bring it on.
  No Power Available?
Quickly install and set up point-to-point or multi-point systems even where there is no power!

Our special PRE-CONFIGURED systems for different frequencies are ready to go.

Complete with masts, lightweight flexible weatherproof solar panels, batteries, cables, antennas, access point radios, relay radios and more!

Designed for fast erection and short setup times for emergencies, remote data collection, events, hard to get at locations, fill in, and more.

Two people can backpack the equipment to a mountain peak over rugged trails.

Just put the systems high and in the clear, and turn them on.

Depending on the system; you can do point-to-point at up to 1Gbps for 30 miles, or handle 200 users at speeds up to 20mbps each with a multi-point system!

NO need to shop around for parts and pieces. We provide everything you need to get operational.

We can even assist with the installation, deployment, training and support.

More details coming soon!

Broadband Data, Business Telephone, Cellular, Long Distance Services
BySky represents all major national broadband and voice carriers. We can provide low cost solutions from T1 service to OC3 pipes anywhere in the country. Looking for copper broadband, fiber, DSL, Satellite, VOIP, international calling, metro ethernet and more? ... Even High-speed internet, TV and digital phone on same bill!
Work from Anywhere. Audio, Video and Web Conferencing.
Low cost, highly effective Web Conferencing for a low as 99 cents U.S./month, per participant! Audio conferencing for as low as 6.9 cents per minute! Only Moderators need to download software. All participants can use their regular browser or even a smart phone that supports Flash or Java! Truly work from anywhere with participants that are located anywhere.
Go to Conference.BySky.com

For an initial free consultation by telephone please call 719-285-4706 x101. We provide consulting and configuration services for WIRELESS BROADBAND NETWORKS, WIRELESS ISPs (WISPs), Community Networks, Point-to-Point Wireless Backhauls, Mobile Data, Mesh Networks and more.



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Fremont County, Colorado.

  Broadband speeds from our towers to your home or office.
   Canon City, Florence, Coal Creek, Penrose, Rockvale, Williamsburg, Wetmore, others.
   Low latency, high bandwidth service. No phone lines required. Not satellite. More info here ... with maps

Our new Web Site is almost finished! Much more information, live updates, and carrier news.

   Need to connect remote offices together?

Interface your LAN to a wireless bridge with a high-gain antenna that extends your secure LAN through the air for up to 70 miles.

Custom wireless data applications to meet your exact needs.


We support a variety of connection types that may be intermixed to address your specific needs.

  • Dial-up
  • 802.11x+
  • DSL/T1/DS3 +
  • PCS/CDMARadio
  • GPRS/GSM Radios
  • Satellite Data (VSAT)
  • Voice Control
  • Satellite Telephones
  • Remote Broadcasting

Our partnerships with best of breed software developers, software publishers, system integrators and manufacturers means we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Programming
  • Custom Devices
  • Device Staging
  • Field Deployment
  • User Guides
  • Support
  • Device management
  • Product testing